A number of residents of Marinwood are unaware that we are subject to CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions) that provide specific rules regarding what we may do with our properties. The CC&Rs for Marinwood vary from section to section, generally according to the time your property was built and who the builder was.

When the Marinwood Association was formed many years ago one of the primary purposes was to help us enforce the CC&Rs and keep our neighborhood beautiful. However, to date, there has been no recognized process for the Marinwood Association to participate and/or assist in the enforcement of these rules.

I was recently assigned as the chair of the CC&Rs for the Marinwood Association, and I have set out to accomplish a few modest goals:

  • Gather all of the known CC&Rs for our neighborhood
  • Post them all online
  • Provide a map indicating which CC&Rs apply to whom
  • Provide information about how to get the CC&Rs enforced

Longer term I would like to see if we can establish a process to provide notice to our neighbors when there have been complaints, before getting law enforcement involved. I would also like us to develop a relationship with the enforcement entities to provide guidance, direction and to resolve conflicts as peaceably as possible.

To get us started, I have scanned in the CC&Rs for the first section of Marinwood. I do not have a map yet to identify the boundaries for this set of CC&Rs, but if your house was built in Marinwood Phase I, these will apply to you. Unit 1A CC&Rs.

If you have a copy of the CC&Rs for your area, or you have boundary maps, please send me a copy so that I can scan them and put them online.

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