Marinwood Association Ballot 2009

Hi all,

At the request of a number of Marinwood Association members we are providing a ballot prior to the September 9th Marinwood Association meeting for those that wish to vote and pay their dues early. Please understand that at this time there are only four names on the ballot as no one else has indicated a willingness to run for the open director position. By voting early you will not get a chance to vote for anyone that comes to the meeting that night and wishes to serve our community.

Early voting is provided as connivance for those not planning to attend the meeting and still wishing to have their voice heard and their dues collected. As the time is near, please mail your ballot and dues to Geoff as soon as possible. Only those votes received by Geoff by Wednesday’s mail delivery will count. That means if you want to take advantage of this offer you probably have to mail you ballot by Saturday, September 5 to be certain it is received.

We apologize that you do not have more time but this was a last minute decision based on some inquires from our membership to provide them the opportunity to vote by proxy.

Bruce Anderson

Vice President

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