Marinwood Village Update

Susan Adams, supervisor Distict one has just published the following upadate in her newsletter. To view the entire newsletter visit

Ownership Negotiations Continue on Marinwood Village

Supervisor Susan Adams continues to be optimistic that the sale and new ownership of the proposed Marinwood Village site will soon be completed. The two sides (Monahan Pacific and Hoytt Enterprises) are reported to be very close to completing a deal.

Once the property changes hands the planning phases will soon follow. An idea that has been put forth by Monahan Pacific is that there could be a phased approach to developing the property. A first phase of the proposed development of the Marinwood Village could include the construction of a new grocery store utilizing some of the existing structure and rehabilitating it. The Marinwood community leadership group, the county staff and Supervisor Adams have been having productive discussions with Mr. Tom Monahan, who is also a resident in the Lucas Valley. Mr. Monahan understands the community’s eagerness to have a market return to the neighborhood as soon as possible and would work with the county to find the fastest track toward facilitating this.

A subsequent phase of the proposed project would include the build out of the mixed use retail and housing element with the pedestrian and bike pathways, green building approaches and implementation of the conceptual principles that were developed through the community based process. There will likely not be 100 units on the property. A more recent assessment is looking at approximately a 70 unit range.

The public will have opportunities to review any specific proposal through community public meetings, the County Planning Commission, and finally through the approval process at the Board of Supervisors. Please stay tuned…

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