Marinwood traffic in the news

Today’s IJ had a front page article on the traffic in Marinwood. As part of their online approach to news the IJ does a news survey and is asking the public to respond. When I checked on the survey early this morning the count was 51% for no action. I think the IJ needs to hear from us. Please go online and read the article and vote.
Article can be found here

5 thoughts on “Marinwood traffic in the news

  1. I voted. It is down to 41% voting for “no action” now.

    I absolutely never hear anybody stating the obvious cause of the traffic woes… the reason people go into Marinwood is because during the commute the exit lane moves at 65MPH while the freeway moves at less than 5MPH. If you are in the exit lane there is no way to move over onto the freeway without backing up the traffic in the exit lane and having 50 people honk at you. So, people stay in the exit lane and end up in Marinwood.

    The solution is to have the exit lane back up, just like the freeway. Doing that would be easy (no more free right turn into Marinwood… back them up at a stop sign.) Problem solved. Next!

  2. …except we don’t want to be unfairly punished if we live in Marinwood. We should get the benefit of the quick exit during trafficy times, if we’re going home. Really, they should just block the median so you can’t just jump over and across the freeway back on to the onramp. Force the drivers to take extra steps and make it just annoying and time consuming to get back onto the freeway. I’d love it if we could legislate some sort of illegality to it all, but alas there’s no reasonable way to do that. All we can do is make the cost greater than the benefit. Maybe we do have to submit to a stop-sign for the greater good. either that, or just make the exit a much shorter off-ramp, so the benefits are limited.

  3. If I leave my house anytime after 7am, there is a backup to get onto the freeway south because of the freeway jumpers making a U turn at Marinwood Avenue. We absolutely need a solution. Years ago when we widened the median to prevent back ups going up to Las Gallinas, I felt at the time it was not the right solution. If we have development at the plaza I foresee the need to widen the street again to have two lanes. The solution has to be at the freeway level. First to prevent people from riding the exit or making it difficult for non local residents to get off the freeway.

  4. After Dick and I voted at 10:30 p.m., the results stood at 46.8 for “Make it Harder” and 36.86 for “Do Nothing” with 784 voting. I wish the project to widen 101 could include making the far right lane continuous instead of ending in Marinwood.

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