Dear Folks

Dear Folks,
Please don’t read things that are not there.
The sole purpose of my previous note was to make it clear that the Marinwood Association was not involved with the Marinwood Village Task Force. There is no”fallout” with Frank Nelson or anyone else (Marian) and if 1000 people show up, good (David). We have no idea if the July meeting will proceed. It is not our call. We are not involved (Kim).
Thank you for your interest.

Friends and Neighbors

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

You may have recently received some e-mails from the ” Marinwood Village Task Force.” These communications were neither authored nor authorized by the Marinwood Association.

The meeting mentioned in the e-mails and in flyers distributed in the community is not sponsored nor otherwise connected with the Association.

The Task Force appears to be an independent group. It is not affiliated with the Marinwood Association. So far as we know, it is not affiliated with the Marinwood CSD or the County.

The Marinwood Association is still committed to getting a market at the shopping center and continues to work with the County to that end.

We are currently seeking community volunteers for the next phase of the planning process. If you want to actively participate in this next phase, please review the document at and send us a note at

We will continue to keep you informed of any progress.

Walter K. Dods

Marinwood Association, President