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Currently Director, Marinwood CSD, a Director of the Marinwood Association and Co-chair Miller Creek Watershed Stewards.

Action Required – Marinwood is looking forward.

Action required:

The Mariinwood CSD Board of Directors has taken the first steps in establishing a local development commission. The CSD Board voted to ask the Board President to form a working committee to determine how such a commission would be organized, how it would operate and what its areas of responsibility would be. The proposal approved by the board is to create a Marinwood CSD Development Commission based on the following guidelines:

Marinwood CSD Development Commission

Membership: 7 member public commission appointed by CSD Board of Directors

Support: CSD General Manager, senior staff, Legal counsel and consultants as necessary

Description: A Commission focused on the economic and physical development of Marinwood to meet monthly to conduct its business. The commission will report recommendations and activities to the Marinwood CSD Board at the CSD Board’s monthly meeting


  1. Review current and latent CSD powers and recommend any necessary changes to the board.
  2. Serve as community representatives to the Marinwood Community planning process working in collaboration with the County Development Department and willing local developers. Initial focus will be Marinwood Village Center, St Vincent’s, Silviera Ranch and the Oakview developments.
  3. Identify and track pursuit of grants and programs that could support the mission of the Marinwood CSD.

Your CSD board, by taking this first step is reacting to a set of challenges facing Marinwood. Visit our wiki  to read an expanded version of the challenges. These challenges include:

  • creating safer routes for walking, biking and driving;
  • protecting the Miller Creek watershed;
  • preparing for a major emergency
  • deterring an increase in crime;
  • creating additional community space for activities;
  • creating a vibrant shopping area that serves the community’s needs;
  • creating opportunities for our local public workforce to live in the same community they work in;
  • enhancing the appearance of our community;

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, of course Marinwood has a couple of major challenges in the pending litigation over a land slide and the pending negotiations with San Rafael to provide emergency services to San Rafael’s northern most reaches but the details of those issues are complicated and are being addressed by our elected officials. Other challenges may also come to mind, if so feel free to let the author know.

Many in our community are already involved in projects aimed at meeting these challenges. We are blessed with many intelligent, active volunteers in Marinwood. It will take more to meet all the challenges.

A few of the challenges can be met with the completion of a village center as described in the Marinwood Village Center concept document. That concept was developed in a facilitated process over a period of two years by a task force consisting of the property owner, the county development department and ten members of the community.

Some of the challenges can only be met through additional taxes or fees. Example: The Marinwood CSD has as a latent power the ability to provide surveillance services to its residents. If it chooses to implement that power the funding likely will include an assessed tax or fee component.

Some of the challenges can only be met if various county, state and national agencies participate. Example: The county public works department and Liz Lewis were instrumental in obtaining an $85,000 grant to form the Marinwood Watershed Stewards program and produce base-line documentation on the entire length of Miller Creek.

And to meet the challenges we will need the support of our County Supervisor. Example: The process of creating the Marinwood Village Concept was partially funded from Supervisor Adams’ community fund.

Some of the challenges can be met by outside assistance or grants. Example: The creation of a beautiful welcoming theme in the new traffic circle could be funded by an art grant.

The key is to have the right entity in place to ask for and accept the funds or assistance needed to meet these challenges. It is the goal of the new working committee to make sure Marinwood has that entity in place – a Marinwood CSD Development Commission.

Action Item

The formation committee needs to hear from you. What are your thoughts? Do you want to participate in the committee or the eventual commission? Contact the 2008 Marinwood CSD Board President, Bruce Anderson at 492-1699 or email bruce@home2150.com with your comments or just post them here for all to view.

Marinwood Village Update

Susan Adams, supervisor Distict one has just published the following upadate in her newsletter. To view the entire newsletter visit http://www.co.marin.ca.us/depts/BS/main/sups/sdistr1/docs/Nov_07_Newsletter.pdf

Ownership Negotiations Continue on Marinwood Village

Supervisor Susan Adams continues to be optimistic that the sale and new ownership of the proposed Marinwood Village site will soon be completed. The two sides (Monahan Pacific and Hoytt Enterprises) are reported to be very close to completing a deal.

Once the property changes hands the planning phases will soon follow. An idea that has been put forth by Monahan Pacific is that there could be a phased approach to developing the property. A first phase of the proposed development of the Marinwood Village could include the construction of a new grocery store utilizing some of the existing structure and rehabilitating it. The Marinwood community leadership group, the county staff and Supervisor Adams have been having productive discussions with Mr. Tom Monahan, who is also a resident in the Lucas Valley. Mr. Monahan understands the community’s eagerness to have a market return to the neighborhood as soon as possible and would work with the county to find the fastest track toward facilitating this.

A subsequent phase of the proposed project would include the build out of the mixed use retail and housing element with the pedestrian and bike pathways, green building approaches and implementation of the conceptual principles that were developed through the community based process. There will likely not be 100 units on the property. A more recent assessment is looking at approximately a 70 unit range.

The public will have opportunities to review any specific proposal through community public meetings, the County Planning Commission, and finally through the approval process at the Board of Supervisors. Please stay tuned…

Marinwood traffic in the news

Today’s IJ had a front page article on the traffic in Marinwood. As part of their online approach to news the IJ does a news survey and is asking the public to respond. When I checked on the survey early this morning the count was 51% for no action. I think the IJ needs to hear from us. Please go online and read the article and vote.
Article can be found here http://www.marinij.com/marin/ci_7501860

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